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Staff Members



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Grade Level

Email Address

Principal Aaron Botsford   Email Mr. Botsford
Assistant Principal DaJuan Major   Email Dr. Major
Interpreter/Translator Samuel Ramos   Email Mr. Ramos
Counselor Kayli Schaefer   Email Ms. Schaefer
Nurse Lauren Kannapel   Email Ms. Kannapel
Secretary Treasurer Jody Durica   Email Mrs. Durica
Secretary Elaine Eilers   Email Mrs. Eilers
Kitchen Manager Refugio "Gina" Serrato   Email Mrs. Serrato
Head Custodian Frank Donkor   Email Mr. Donkor
Teacher Anna Chlystun Kindergarten Email Ms. Chlystun
Teacher Jennifer Alderson Kindergarten Email Miss Alderson
Teacher Abbey Luna Kindergarten Email Ms. Luna
Teacher Sarah Flores First Grade Email Mrs. Flores
Teacher  Katy Himsel First Grade Email Ms. Himsel
Teacher  Kelsey Rairden First Grade Email Ms. Rairden
Teacher Tramell Woods First Grade Email Mr. Woods
Teacher Julie Gossard Second Grade Email Miss Gossard
Teacher Roxanne Lee Second Grade Email Mrs. Lee
Teacher Amy Leturgez Second Grade Email Mrs. Leturgez
Teacher Krista Tobin Second Grade Email Miss Tobin
Teacher  Debbie Doty Third Grade Email Mrs. Doty
Teacher Jade Matthews Third Grade Email Miss Matthews
Teacher Maeve Murphy Third Grade Email Miss Murphy
Teacher Amberly Stevens Third Grade Email Ms. Stevens
Teacher Mariah Price Fourth Grade Email Miss Price
Teacher Lori Rutherford Fourth Grade Email Ms. Rutherford
Teacher Becky Vassar Fourth Grade Email Mrs. Vassar
Teacher Jennifer Fain Fifth Grade Email Ms. Fain
Teacher Aracely Escobedo Fifth Grade Email Miss Escobedo
Teacher Emma McCloughan Fifth Grade Email Mrs. McCloughan
Teacher Beth Shields Music Email Mrs. Shields
Teacher Victoria Miller Art Email Miss Miller
Teacher Matthew Webster Physical Education Email Mr. Webster
Teacher Librarian Margaret Boling Mullin, PhD, NBCT Librarian Email Dr. Mullin
Instructional Assistant Kimberley Rusk Computer Email Ms. Rusk
Instructional Assistant Casey Sanserino Library Media  
Teacher Brielle Stubbs Reading Specialist Email Ms. Stubbs
Teacher Katty Boquin English as a New Language Email Mrs. Boquin
Teacher  Lexi Hunt Primary Exceptional Learners Email Miss Hunt
Teacher  Missy Burnside Intermediate Exceptional Learners Email Mrs. Burnside
Speech and Language Pathologist Deb  Pesut Speech Language Pathologist Email Mrs. Pesut
School Psychologist Kevin Conboy School Psychologist Email Mr. Conboy
Cummins Counselor Jackson Patterson Cummins Counselor Email Mr. Patterson
Cummins Life Skills Alexis West Cummins Life Skills Specialist  
Instructional Coach  Brooke Brink Instructional Coach Email Mrs. Brink
Physical & Occupational Therapist        
Loving Care Betty Jennings   Email Mrs. Jennings